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Female, 6 years old

Ready for love! Shy Cat - Level 2  Jannike is a former mother cat whose kittens have all been adopted. Jannike did not have the opportunity to live with a family when she was young, so she is working very hard on learning the skills necessary to join a family. When Jannike feels very safe and secure, her foster mom is able to gently stroke her.

Jannike is calm and quiet and is particular about her cat toys. It seems that she is not fond of wand toys.  Jannike loves to hang out with the other foster cats in the home. They love to groom each other and sleep together.

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Clothing Drive Fundraiser

Donate your used clothes & textiles and help raise funds for MEOW. Stop by The Cat House parking lot (Stadium Shopping Centre) from Sept. 15 – 26. View Event Page for times.

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Free Wine ‘n Cheese at Naughty Nelly

Stop by Naughty Nelly’s for a free wine and cheese event supporting MEOW Foundation and check out all of their unique artisan and imported goods.

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Playful in Seattle

In 2011, I moved back to Seattle, and when people ask me where I adopted Plato, I proudly say, “MEOW Foundation in Calgary, Alberta! That place is the best!” I wish there was a organization as professional, as caring, and as memorable as MEOW here in Seattle.

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Steve and Marley Cuddled in a Tree

They have decided our new couch is a great place to sleep, that or together in the scratching tree cuddled into a space they have outgrown.

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