If the cats could talk, they’d tell you it takes a group of dedicated, compassionate people to run a rescue organization. We’re very proud of our amazing group of staff and volunteers. From the folks on the front lines to our Board of Directors, here are the humans behind MEOW Foundation.

Candice Lee
Project Lead - Communications and Events

Candice has a lengthy history of advocating for people and their companion animals combined with 17 years of non-profit marketing and communications experience. She’s passionate about reducing homeless cats and overpopulation and honoured to work with the MEOW team. Candice is currently mom to GiGi, a Shepherd/Husky cross and as an animal lover, she often cares for many friends’ animals, including cats, dogs and a bearded dragon lizard.

Chloe Collins
Intake Assistant

Chloe has always had a love for animals whether it be cats, salamanders or cows. She has been caring for animals most of her life. Growing up, she spent a lot of time observing and interacting with feral barn cats on her cousin’s farm. She is passionate about animal welfare and understanding animal behaviour. Chloe is going to school to get her arts degree and using her experience working for MEOW to inform her artwork. She is the proud fur-mom of a plushy former tom cat named John Wayne.

David Quach
Director - Treasurer

David Quach is a Chartered Accountant and has volunteered with numerous organizations in Calgary and is looking forward to the challenges and fulfillment of volunteering with MEOW. David is the proud owner of one cat aptly named Sass Quach, plus Ninja and Samurai.

Debbie Nelson
Director - Operations

Debbie Nelson is a founding member of MEOW Foundation and currently manages MEOW’s cat programs: Intake and Adoption, SNAP, and TNR. Her life is enriched by the feline companionship of Mort and Toe. Debbie spends her free time with her family and hiking on Alberta trails and beyond.

Derek Muzyka
Director - Board Chair

Derek is a Certified Management Accountant and has 20 years of experience leading accounting, administration and IT departments. He has been fortunate to have the majority of this experience working with a broad base of non-profit, charitable and government organizations.

Dr. Terri Brannen

Veterinarian Dr. Terri Brannen is a former Iowa farm girl and continues to be one at heart. She obtained her Veterinary degree from Colorado State in 1986. Terri practiced in Homer, Alaska for three years and then moved to Calgary in 1989 to practice emergency and small animal medicine. She has been a valued MEOW team member since 2001, when she adopted her first two Canadian cats, Licorice and Blaze.

Hira Shah
Adoption Specialist

I have always loved working with animals and started volunteering at animal shelters at an early age. I am passionate about educating our community about animal behaviour, animal welfare, as well as the conservation issues that we face today. On top of working with domestic animals, I also work with wildlife, such as owls and hawks.

I’m excited to be a part of the adoptions team at the MEOW Foundation to help cats find loving homes.

Jan Weir
Director - Human Resources

Jan Weir has a 27 year background in Human Resource Management. Jan has had general leadership and management roles in Human Resources in corporate, subsidiary and field operations. She is the happy caregiver to two cats, one feral from Yemen and one from MEOW.

Jason Thomas

Jason has 20+ years in sales, marketing, and business management in the electrical and electric motor business. He and his family are grateful to have MEOW alumni Klein and Chandler (formerly Huggles) enriching their lives everyday.

Kaleigh Eichel
Intake Assistant

Kaleigh’s dream is to become a vet and is thrilled to be able to work with cats everyday as a step towards that goal. While working at MEOW, Kaleigh is going to school part time to get the credits to apply for vet school, but there’s no rush. She is already doing what she loves at MEOW!

Kaleigh is the lucky fur-mom of two silly cats, Megabyte and Dyno, and the feather friend of a rescued racing pigeon. When she isn’t surrounded by cats and textbooks, Kaleigh can be found at the local wildlife rehabilitation centre, caring for the wild ones.

Kendall Titchener
Social Media Administrator

Kendall Titchener has nearly 10 years experience as a social media and digital specialist. She’s worked in industries ranging from real estate development, magazine, startups to oil and gas. She owns her own boutique digital agency and is proud to engage with the MEOW community.

Kendall has a soft spot for rescue animals and grew up with an “urban menagerie.” It was only natural that when she moved from Vancouver to Calgary a few years ago, she had her rescue cat and rescue horse in tow.

Margaret Martini
SNAP Administrator

Margaret Martini has been involved with MEOW as a foster home provider since 2002 and served as MEOW’s Information Administrator from 2007 until 2015. She currently provides administration of the Spay Neuter Assistance Program. Her first love is caring for bottle fed orphan rescue kittens with her supportive family of 6. Her 2 dogs and 3 cats also play an integral part in socializing the foster cats that pass through her home.

Nathalie Martel
Adoption Specialist

Nathalie has felt a deep connection to animals early on, which has pushed her to volunteer in various areas such as wildlife rescue, dog and cat care, and humane education. A desire to be the voice for animal victims of abuse and cruelty pushed her to use her criminology education toward working at the legislative level to combat animal abuse. A deep connection to cats led her to pursue a position with MEOW and she is proud to be part of the adoption team. Nathalie’s home would not be complete without her two rescue kitties Bailey and Winston.

Paula Bildfell
Volunteer Coordinator

Paula Bildfell has been with MEOW since 2008. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Service Administration, Paula always enjoys introducing new volunteers to the various volunteer programs offered at MEOW. Black cats are her favourite (although every cat is) and she is proudly owned by her sweet Acey.

Sandra Henry
Intake and Shelter Manager

Sandra has been working with no-kill animal rescues since 2009. Changing careers to follow her love of “critters” has been a very rewarding adventure. She is thrilled to be a part of the MEOW Team!

Stephanie Sterling
Director - Secretary

Stephanie Sterling is a senior executive in the oil and gas industry. She has been a commercial and engineering professional for over 20 years, providing leadership and mentorship through times of change and development. Stephanie and her husband, Bob, add spice to their life with their fur-person, Nutmeg, a MEOW rescue.

Victoria Ross
Adoption Manager

Victoria Ross started volunteering with MEOW in 2001 as an Adoption Centre Cleaner and later an Adoption Coordinator. In 2005, Victoria took on the role of Adoption Manager. Victoria is very passionate about animal welfare, and helping the cats of Calgary find loving forever homes. Victoria’s life is always action-packed with her husband and three young children, along with their cat, Jack, and Boston terrier, Mack.