MEOW offers courtesy re-homing postings to previously adopted MEOW cats. MEOW Foundation does not facilitate or participate in the re-homing process for cats advertised on this webpage.

Seeking New Homes

Can you help provide a loving home? 


I am looking for a loving new home for my cat Lunetta.

She is an approximately 11 year old, beautiful calico short-hair. She has been a wonderful pet to me throughout the last 10 years. She is extremely loyal to her owner and loves to cuddle and chat. However she has some traits that cause concern to me now that I have a new baby in the house, including being territorial and overly protective of her owner. This can cause her to react aggressively to new people in her home environment.

The ideal new owner of Lunetta would be a female or perhaps a quiet male, in a quiet home with no other cats or small children.

lunetta-2Lunetta has been an indoor cat all her life and is very healthy. I will provide all of her supplies to the new owner, including: pet taxi carrier, 2 beds, many toys, litter box, and any food I have on hand.

I feel that there are many people who would appreciate Lunetta’s loyal and quirky personality once they take the time to get to know her.

I would be willing to offer a one-month trial period to any potential adopter (or another timeframe to be negotiated). I am asking for a re-homing fee of $50.

I can be reached at 587-700-1131 or

Courtesy Rehoming Terms & Conditions

  • Cat(s) must be adopted MEOW cat(s), verified by a MEOW representative
  • The registered owner must supply a recent photo of the cat(s) and a short advertisement: description of the cat(s), type of home they are looking for and any supplies offered (MEOW Foundation will not write advertisements, but may edit when necessary)
  • The registered owner must supply a contact e-mail address for the posting
  • The registered owner must request a re-homing fee. Cats will not be posted for “free”
  • MEOW Foundation does not facilitate or participate in the re-homing process of “courtesy posting” cats. The registered owner agrees to hold harmless for any action, MEOW Foundation, its directors, volunteers, staff, agents and associates
  • All inquires, re-homing tasks and fee collection are the responsibility of the registered owner. MEOW Foundation is not responsible or liable for the re-homing of “courtesy posting” cats
  • The registered owner and new owner must re-register the cat(s) microchip and/or tattoo information and pay any fees associated with the transfer of ownership
  • Courtesy postings will be displayed on this page for a period of two months and then removed. Extensions can be requested
  • Please email all courtesy posting requests and re-homing information to
  • Courtesy postings will be added to this page within one week of receiving the completed information