MEOW offers courtesy re-homing postings to previously adopted MEOW cats. MEOW Foundation does not facilitate or participate in the re-homing process for cats advertised on this webpage.

Seeking New Homes

Can you help provide a loving home? 

image3_revisedJESTER AND CLEO
They are 9 years old and are brother and sister from the same litter. We adopted them from MEOW back in 2007 and they have been with us ever since. Unfortunately, our circumstances have changed and we are no longer able to keep them.

Jester is a brown tabby, extremely friendly and gentle in nature. He is very, very patient with children and would be happy in a home with kids. Cleo is a Torbie, also gentle but a little more shy than her brother. She is a little nervous of new people but eventually comes around. image1_revised

We would love to see them go to their forever home as they have never been separated. Both cats are very healthy, have had regular vet checks and have never had any medical issues. They would come to you with carriers, litter trays, food and some toys.

We are asking a rehoming fee of $50 for both cats, please call 403-990-2599 or email with serious enquiries.

We adopted 
Thorin at 6 years old from the MEOW Foundation. We believe he is part Turkish Van, which are a neat breed! 

He loves to sit at the window and watch cars go by during the day but loves to cuddle on the couch at night. When he is feeling playful, he loves his little mouse toys or a string or feather dangled from a stick. And when he is happy, he smiles! 

At bedtime, he loves a good pet on his chinchilla soft fur before going to sleep at your feet. Although I love him immensely, he is not a good fit for this household. He needs to be the only cat as he is fighting for dominance over our original pet, our 9 year old female “old lady” cat. He needs to be the only cat, have a semi-quiet household and be in the company of older kids (tweens and above) or no kids(most of the time). A grandma’s house where the kids visit or a home with kids 8+ in age would be great. 

Thorin1He has been neutered, is tattooed with a number, and is healthy. His city registration is up to date. I will include everything you need to get started: litterbox, litter, some food, dishes and his fave cat tree with his snuggly blanket. Let me know if you need an independent but affectionate kitty in your life. Thorin would be the perfect pet for you. 

We are asking a rehoming fee of $50. Please contact Josh through email: or by phone: 403-969-6111. Thank you for your interest.

ElliottElliot is a 5 year old, domestic short hair cat who is extremely affectionate. He is more inclined to be affectionate with adults and older children, and shies away from very young children. That said, he is never aggressive in any way. He still has a playful side and likes to chase toys around the house. He is need of a loving home that can provide him the attention he deserves.
We will also provide his cat house (which is also a scratching post), his litter, and a good supply of food. We are asking a rehoming fee of $50, please call e-mail

Courtesy Rehoming Terms & Conditions

  • Cat(s) must be adopted MEOW cat(s), verified by a MEOW representative
  • The registered owner must supply a recent photo of the cat(s) and a short advertisement: description of the cat(s), type of home they are looking for and any supplies offered (MEOW Foundation will not write advertisements, but may edit when necessary)
  • The registered owner must supply a contact e-mail address for the posting
  • The registered owner must request a re-homing fee. Cats will not be posted for “free”
  • MEOW Foundation does not facilitate or participate in the re-homing process of “courtesy posting” cats. The registered owner agrees to hold harmless for any action, MEOW Foundation, its directors, volunteers, staff, agents and associates
  • All inquires, re-homing tasks and fee collection are the responsibility of the registered owner. MEOW Foundation is not responsible or liable for the re-homing of “courtesy posting” cats
  • The registered owner and new owner must re-register the cat(s) microchip and/or tattoo information and pay any fees associated with the transfer of ownership
  • Courtesy postings will be displayed on this page for a period of two months and then removed. Extensions can be requested
  • Please email all courtesy posting requests and re-homing information to
  • Courtesy postings will be added to this page within one week of receiving the completed information