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Fun Family Cat
Male, 2 years old

Richmond is quite the vocal boy and has a wide range of sounds he uses to mainly to tell you “Good morning” and “Please hurry up with my food”. He is never one to runaway from a situation because he loves to be wherever you are so he can lend a helping paw when needed. His favorite pastime is keeping watch from his cat tree and playing whenever the opportunity presents itself. Richmond’s favorite toys are the laser, feather chaser and when he nobody is available to play he will settle for batting around any little balls as long as it has a bell in it. Richmond is such a gem it takes him a minute to warm up to you but once he knows he can trust you he is the most loving little guy and totally worth the wait Richmond is looking for a mature home with experienced cat parents who can read his cues and make him feel safe and loved.

*Richmond has been sponsored by one (1) Christmas Guardian Angel.

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