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King Crimson
Special Needs Cat
Male, 3.2 years old

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King Crimson is looking to settle down and is ready for a more domestic lifestyle. He is friendly and outgoing. He has lots of energy and loves playing with his toys. He likes to be close to the actions and comes around often to investigate or make sure he is getting enough pets and head scratches.

Due to King’s long time on the streets and probably from a past territorial skirmish, he has contracted FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). Please do not be afraid of adopting King Crimson. Cats with FIV usually live long uneventful lives wtih normal attentive care.

King also has an odd look to one eye called Horner’s Syndrome. It is a common neurological disorder which may resolve on its own or may need some long term management with eye drops.

Talkative, curious and as nice as pie, King Crimson could be your special boy.

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