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Special Needs Cat
Male, 10.4 years old

Adoption Fee Waived

The mask of Zoro the cat! Zoro has been a guest of MEOW for a year and a bit. He came into MEOW as a very ill fellow and it was discovered he had feline diabetes. Over the next few months, MEOW worked to stabilize his diabetes and now he is ready for a new home.

Did you know that diabetes is much more common in males? It can be easily managed with insulin injections twice a day. The injections are just under the skin, are inexpensive and not painful. While it is ideal to give the insulin injections every 12 hours, life and personal schedules can be complicated. Some owners do a 10 hour and 14 hour or an 11 and 13 hour schedule and their pets manage well.

It is also beneficial to feed diabetic cats a diabetic management prescription diet which is readily available at veterinary clinics.

Due to a cataract in his left eye, Zoro has no vision, but we can assure you it is not a handicap. Zoro always knows where his food dish is and he absolutely loves playing with wand toys.

So if you are looking for a mature fellow who would be grateful for the rest of his life to have a real home, and if you are the type of person who has a pretty regular routine, MEOW IS READY TO MAKE THIS PERFECT MATCH. Zoro would love to go Home 4 the Holidays.

*If you need training on how to administer insulin injections, MEOW's veterinarian will be pleased to teach you.

*Zoro has been sponsored by twenty (20) Christmas Guardian Angels.

**One sponsorship is in lieu of Christmas gifts for relatives who have everything they could need or want. This is our third year of sponsorship. They love supporting such a good cause.

**One sponsorship is being donated in honour of Reiner. We love cats and want to help in any way we can. Thank you so much for all you do.

**One sponsorship is on behalf of Henry who was Pyppn when he came home to us in June 2015 and became a central part of our lives.

**"Zoro is a great cat but we can't adopt him because we have a diabetic cat of our own." They're the best.

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