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Male, 10.5 years old

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Be prepared to welcome home our senior, Quin. At 10 years old, he is in great health, but has had most of his teeth removed due to dental disease. He has some chin acne that was pretty bad and with some medication it is finally healing. He will need regular check ups to make sure the chin acne stays at bay! Best of all, he is just a wonderful loving cat who will make your house a home.

Quin does not like other cats, so would do best as a single only cat. He requires a quiet adult home where his humans are home most of the day. He would not do well in a busy home or one with children as he can get easily stressed and has been known to urinate in places other than his litter box. He has been a perfect guest in his foster home. He is a big boned boy with rugged handsome looks. He is quite confident and loves to cuddle his foster mom! Quin is waiting to meet you!

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