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Special Needs Cat
Female, 1.3 years old

Adoption Fee Waived

Sometime life is not fair in our human eyes, but Aziza does not know she has special medical needs and she thinks - she knows she is - top cat in her adoption area. As a small kitten she was diagnosed with epilepsy and has to be on daily medication. She does not love her medication - what cat does? It can be a bit of a challenge, but once that little chore is done, Aziza is ready to chow down her breakfast, race around the board room checking for lost toys and then gleefully incites wrestling matches with her roomies - she usually wins. Nap time, supper time and play time again. Life is good and the only way it could get better is when Aziza finds the forever home she so deserves. In recognition of her special needs her adoption fee is waived.

*Aziza has been sponsored by six (6) Christmas Guardian Angels.

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