Our Vision

All communities caring for every cat with respect and compassion.

Our Mission

Champion the well-being of cats through humane programs, advocacy and education.

Guiding Principles

Respect: We believe all animals are sentient beings. We recognize and respect the inherent rights and needs of cats.

No-Kill Philosophy: We believe in a no-kill model of animal welfare, which means saving every cat who can be saved. It means healing the animals who can be healed, treating behaviours that can be treated, and prioritizing safety and a high quality of life for both cats and people in our communities.*

Standard of Care: We believe every cat, whether young or old, social or shy, in good health or poor, deserves a good life. Every cat is to be provided with the medical care, support and love necessary to thrive.

Happy Homes: We are committed to ensuring every cat finds its perfect match in a family or community home.

Cats & People: We strive to strengthen the relationship between cats and humans, recognizing the value of pet companionship for people.

Collaboration: We will collaborate with community partners to achieve our mission.

Our People: We believe our supporters, employees and volunteers are at the heart of everything we do.

*Adapted from Best Friends Animal Society

Our Goals

A MEOW cat looks on
  • To work with the public to care for and provide shelter to stray, abandoned and feral cats in Calgary;
  • To provide the highest level of care to every cat who enters our programs and immediate veterinary treatment to sick or injured cats;
  • To match adoptable cats with loving families who will provide them with care and attention for the rest of their natural lives;
  • To promote responsible pet ownership, including the spaying/neutering of all cats and kittens; provision of nutritious food, water, shelter, love, regular health care and permanent identification such as a microchip or tattoo; licensing; and prevention from becoming a nuisance;
  • To reduce feline overpopulation and suffering;
  • To promote humane treatment, compassion and respect for all animals.