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  • Female, 17.7 years old
  • Long hair
  • Dilute Tortoiseshell
  • Can be the only cat, or have a companion
  • Requires a calm, mature home

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Seeking loving home for senior lady - Meet Bayley! After 15 years, Bayley is starting over. Sadly her owner passed away and Bayley is looking for a special home just for her. Bayley is in good health, but she has one small and quite common medical issue in senior felines called hyperhyroidism. She requires an inexpensive medication once a day.

This little old lady has a heart of gold and the curious mind of a youngster! Friendly and loveable, Bayley would make a great addition to any household looking for their one and only cat. Though Bayley is patient and friendly with people, she isn't a big fan of other cats and likely wouldn't do well in a house with other cats. She spends her days chasing strings, laser pointers and watching the world go by out the window. She loves rubbing up against you and gobbles up her treats! Just one look into her dazzling eyes and you’ll be in love!