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  • Male, 1.8 years old
  • Long hair
  • Black
  • Can be the only cat, or have a companion
  • Requires a calm, mature home

Matar is a beautiful black male kitten with huge golden eyes. As with all kittens he loves to chase moving objects and acts as if he is hunting as he skirts the edges of a room. He has a soft purr with which he communicates such desires as: treat, please; throw the ball, please; and pet me, please. Because he started out as a rather shy, skittish guy, new situations still take time for him to feel comfortable. Matar loves, not only, to fetch but, also, to grab objects out of the air. When he lies at one’s feet to be petted, his hair is as soft as silk. Having a climber would be a great asset because his favourite activity is leaping and swinging from it like an acrobat.