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  • Male, 7.9 years old
  • Short hair
  • Black
  • Must be the only cat in a home
  • Will thrive in an active home with cat experience

Big ol' handsome boy. Langdon loves to play. Wand toys and kick toys are some of his favourites. He has a healthy appetite.....maybe a bit too healthy. He is the type of cat that would benefit from portion feeding versus free feeding. He is also extremely intelligent and loves the intellectual stimulation of retrieving his food from a Kong toy. In spite of hard times and most probably being hit by a car, Langdon's fractured pelvis has healed well and he doesn't miss his tail. His new little bobtail is only part of his very charming appeal to all that meet him.

His foster home reports that he does very well on his own when they are at work, but his preference is 'no sharing' their time with other cats once they are home. Looking for a handsome, single cat?? Langdon is the one!