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  • Male, 0.5 years old
  • Short hair
  • Brown Tabby
  • Can be the only cat, or have a companion
  • Will thrive in any home, active and noisy to quiet

Tilt is a VERY special kitty, not only does he have a very adorable head tilt which will be permanent, (details later) but he has just a connect with other cats. He loves his foster mom very much, but his heart belongs to the resident cat in the home. There is nothing that makes him happier than snuggles with his foster brother, cleaning his face and laying directly on his body. His next favourite thing is to chase his foster sister Apple around, wrestling and stealing toys from each other; don’t worry! He’s very gentle and they have grown to also have a special bond. His third favourite thing is sleeping on your legs while you’re laying down. He’s never far from his foster mom’s side.Tilt also follows her around while she is awake or sleeping and is always tucked in close to her body while she sleeps. He prefers to not sleep in her arms like the resident cat, but he will snuggle in with both to get closer to his brother. Tilt has no preference on toys; anything and everything he can chase is perfect! He really loves to steal hair ties!

Tilt was brought into care with an extreme head tilt. Nobody knew what was wrong and thought it was a few different problems ranging from ear infections to something more serious internally. But thankfully as he grew older and after lots of ear exams, they found a little ‘polyp’ which is a little mass into the ear. With the help of a veterinary specialist, it was safely and effectively removed! His head tilt improved but he still has one which the doctors believe to be some mild permanent nerve damage. It does not affect him at all in his daily life - he is just a normal goofy kitten.

Tilt is such a handsome boy. He is loved very much in his current home but his foster mom has done this many times and knows there is the absolute perfect home for him out there - one that will understand the responsibly of owning a cat, one that will have another cat or two in the home or a small dog also works. He needs a best friend who will accept him and enjoy all those snuggles and baths he has to offer.

If this guy sounds like the one for you, please reach out and set up a meet and greet with this little gem!