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Mrs Norris

  • Female, 9.6 years old
  • Short hair
  • Torbie with White
  • Must be the only cat in a home
  • Will thrive in any home, active and noisy to quiet

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Mrs. Norris is a proper lady cat! We are not sure if she has any magical powers, but as a member of the superior Felis Catus species, she was a very frightened stray for over a month. She managed to find two neighbourhood ladies who aligned their efforts to make sure Mrs. Norris was safely rescued and delivered to MEOW.

After a full physical, it was noted she was limping and after a consultation with a specialist, Mrs. Norris had to have bi-lateral surgery on her back legs for luxating patellas. Next came two months of cage rest and recovery. The last step in her convalescence was the pin and plate removal.

Finally we are able to formally introduce this sweet senior to our wonderful supporters in the hopes she will find her forever home without delay. Due to her age and complex surgery, Mrs. Norris would love a calm, quiet and mature home.