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Grey Goose

  • Female, 0.3 years old
  • Short hair
  • Grey
  • Can be the only cat, or have a companion
  • Will thrive in any home, active and noisy to quiet


Meet Grey Goose! The biggest of her siblings by far, it was quite a surprise to discover Goose is a girl! Full of happy squeaks and a massive purr, this lady is always seeking out affection. Goose loves a good belly tickle or back scratch. She also likes to roughhouse with her siblings and stalk her toys, although she’s still figuring out her coordination. She’s a tad bit clumsy. Human play time with Goose is a always gentle affair. She keeps her teeth and nails to herself! This Grey lady is a sensitive lovebug.

*Litter: Dillie, Noote, Marmee (Mom)