The Adoption Process

Please note: revised adoption protocols in place as of April 2020. View here.


Once your completed Adoption Application form is received, you will be contacted by a MEOW Adoption Specialist. The Adoption Specialist will set up a time to speak with you on the phone to help us determine if one of our cats is a good match for your family and home. This phone call typically lasts approximately half an hour.

If your application is approved, the Adoption Specialist will arrange a time for you to come meet the cats. (Please note that our cats are available for adoption on a first come, first served basis, which means a cat will be adopted to the first well-suited home available).

Once you and your Adoption Specialist have agreed on a cat, taking into consideration its unique personality and needs, the Adoption Specialist will arrange a pick up time. Payment of the Adoption Fee is due at the time of pick up.

If you have any questions or concerns during the MEOW Matchmaker 30-Day Trial period, your Adoption Specialist is always available to help.

Adoption Fees

Thank you for your consideration to give a MEOW Foundation cat a loving and forever home. Adoption fees help cover the cost of care and any medical expenses MEOW incurs prior to the adoption of a cat.

Adult Cat – $175

Kitten (3 to 6 months old) – $225

*Senior, Shy & Select Cats – Name Your Fee (min. $50 – see note below)

**Multi-Cat Discount – $25 (see note below)

*Fees are reduced for Senior Cats (age 7 years or more), Shy Cats, and other deserving cats as noted in their profiles in our Cat-a-logue. We are very appreciative of any contribution you are able to make to help cover the cost of care for homeless cats and kittens. The reserve cost is $50 although we welcome greater amounts. We are very appreciative of contributions you are able to make to help cover the cost of care for homeless cats and kittens. To help you decide if a shy cat is right for you, please check out our Shy Cat Grading System so you know what to expect.

**A $25 multi-cat discount will be extended to returning MEOW Foundation adopters and people who are adopting more than one cat at the same time.

MEOW Foundation Adoption Policies

Applicant Criteria

  • Sir LancelotApplicant(s) must be at least 18 years old;
  • Applicants should have the financial resources to care for a cat, which includes provision of shelter, food, litter, veterinary care, scratching post(s), toys, and alternative care when on vacation.


  • All MEOW cats are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

Indoor/Outdoor Cats

Adopted cats are only to be allowed outdoors under proper supervision. This policy is in accordance with the City of Calgary Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw.

City of Calgary Bylaw

Applicants should be familiar with the City of Calgary Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw pertaining to the licensing and control of cats and other legal responsibilities of pet owners.


MEOW does not agree with unnecessary cosmetic surgery, including but not limited to declawing in an attempt to modify scratching behaviour. Learn about declawing.


MEOW strongly encourages applicants to have all existing cats in the home up-to-date on vaccinations before adopting a cat. This is for the safety of the resident cat(s).


All MEOW cats have been permanently identified with a microchip implant. Once the adoption contract has been finalized the adopter’s information is transferred to PETIDCO (formerly AVID Canada).

Cats as Gifts

In certain instances, MEOW is happy to work with you on an adoption placement as a gift. Please call 403.230.6033 and ask to speak to an Adoption Specialist to discuss your particular circumstance.

Consent of Household Members

Applicants must have the consent of all household adults, related or unrelated. The applicant and related (or unrelated) members are encouraged to be present when coming to view potential cat matches for the home.

Health History, Medical Conditions, Age and Insurance

All MEOW cats are checked by a veterinarian when they arrive at MEOW. MEOW Foundation will disclose to the applicant all known medical conditions, but cannot guarantee the future health (including dental health) or behaviour of the cat. Please note that all ages listed in the Cat-a-logue are approximate.

PetSecure LogoEach adopter is provided with an Adoptsecure Pet Health Insurance 6-week trial voucher which becomes valid 48 hours after the adoption placement. MEOW will provide medical coverage during the first 48 hours and thereafter, the adopter is responsible for any and all medical costs.

Please note: If exemptions for pre-existing medical conditions at the time of adoption apply, adopters may be eligible for MEOW coverage for 30 days following adoption placement.

Kitten Adoptions

Orange and White KittenMEOW kittens can go to their new homes at 10 weeks of age. MEOW recommends applicants research whether adopting one or two kittens is best for their home and family situation. Alternatively, applicants can discuss this further with our Adoption Specialists. Adopters who adopt two kittens will receive a discounted adoption fee for the second kitten.

Out-of-Town Adoptions

Out–of-town adoptions are available. Applicants must adhere to all of the Adoption Policies. For more information, please email

Rural and Business Placements

MEOW will not adopt cats to rural areas or acreages, businesses, warehouses, or factories where the cat is allowed outside or will be housed in barns, stables or other such out-buildings.

Returning a Cat and Refunds

Returning a MEOW cat within the MEOW Matchmaker 30-Day Trial period:
If an adoption does not work out and the adopter does not wish to select a different cat, MEOW will take the cat back and refund the adoption fee less a $50 administration fee.

Returning a MEOW cat after the 30-Day Trial Period

MEOW will consider the return of an adopted MEOW cat, but cannot guarantee this. Returns are dependent on the following factors: space at our facility, outstanding behavioural issues or concerns and if terms and conditions of return have been met, including an administration fee. Once the MEOW Matchmaker 30 Day Trial has finished, MEOW cannot refund the adoption fee or issue a tax receipt for donation.