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MEOW and our kitties moved into our new Adoption Centre on July 5, 2017.  Thank you to everyone who supported our dream of renovating and opening Calgary’s first and only cat specific and specialized Adoption Centre.

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MEOW relies on generous donations from people just like you to be able to help approximately 2000 stray and abandoned kittens and cats each year. 

When you donate $1000 or more, you can choose to be featured on our website’s donor list .

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Did you know that Canadian donors will receive up to 53% of their donation back in the form of a tax credit? In fact, donors in Alberta will receive a $450 credit on a donation of $1,000! Donate more and your tax credit may be even higher. To calculate your credit, check out the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charitable Donation Tax Credit Calculator.

Many thanks for your interest, consideration and continued support. It means so much to us, and ultimately, the cats.

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January 22, 2019

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Many thanks for your consideration!