Irish Beth Maddock

DieterI am donating to The MEOW Foundation because I want my 6 year old daughter to know a future where homeless and unwanted cats are not horrifically euthanized in order to maintain population control.

I will never forget my volunteer days at animal shelters in British Columbia. When I would go in to help, as soon as I walked in the door there were cats in travel kennels, stacked one on top of the other awaiting shipment to the vet to be killed.

I would quietly take one of these doomed kitties into another room, take it out of its death sentence for just a moment…hold it, pet it and let it know it was loved. The tears would just stream down my face as it purred in my arms, not knowing that within the hour, it would soon be wiped of its beautiful little wonderful life.

That is why I support The MEOW Foundation. Let’s show the world we are capable of being the compassionate humans we were created to be.

Pictured: Dieter Boy – Official mascot of Cat Care Calgary Inc.