Become a MEOW Foster Home

We are looking for foster homes!

Some of our cats need a foster home to help them with socialization or medical needs; others simply aren’t thriving at the Adoption Centre and would benefit from being in a home environment. If you’re interested, fill out an application here!

Provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment in your home for rescued cats and kittens until they are adopted.

MEOW provides all the necessary supplies such as food, litter and toys; and covers all veterinary expenses.

Read this blog and watch this video to learn more about fostering cats and kittens with MEOW. View the Foster Home volunteer role description.

Types of Foster Care

  • Adult cats that would benefit from being in a foster home
  • Special needs cat (i.e. socialization or medical care)
  • Senior cat
  • Pregnant cat (average number in a litter is 4-6 kittens but it can be more or less)
  • Mother and kittens

For more information about fostering with MEOW Foundation, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 403.230.6033 (ext 7).