We’re excited to launch MEOW Charity Thrift Shop as an ongoing source of revenue to help more cats in our community. There are so many incredible treasures to choose from! Feel great about your fabulous purchase knowing you’re helping stray and abandoned cats thrive AND that recycling is good for our planet! Swing by soon… We can’t wait to see you!  Here are the details:

Who: Everyone is welcome
What: The best deals in town that support cats
Where: 336 41 Ave NE Unit 110, Calgary, AB T2E 2N3 | 403-735-1015
When: *New Hours as of Monday, June 3, 2019. Tues to Sat 10am – 6pm & Sun 10am – 4pm (Closed Mondays and statutory holidays)
Why: It benefits you, the cats and our environment

Email: thrift@meowfoundation.com for more information. Follow MEOW Charity Thrift Shop on Facebook: and Instagram. If you’ve had a chance to visit, click here to let us know what you think.

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When: Monday to Saturday 10am – 5pm | Sunday 10am – 3pm
Following are some important considerations.

MEOW gratefully accepts:

  • Antiques, collectibles, vintage, art
  • Bath & Body
  • Books, games, puzzles, toys, stuffies
  • Home decor, hobbies & crafts
  • Jewellery, hats, scarves, belts
  • Kitchenware & small appliances
  • Garden tools & decor
  • Linens & bedding
  • Luggage, purses, totes
  • Seasonal decor
  • Small electronic, flatscreen TVs, cameras
  • Small furniture
  • Sports equipment, camping, tools

Sorry, we cannot accept:

  • Auto parts
  • Baby cribs, car seats, booster seats
  • Building materials
  • CD’s, DVD’s, video games
  • Chemicals, pesticides, explosives
  • Clothing, boots, shoes
  • Computer components (unless new in box)
  • Helmets
  • Large appliances
  • Large exercise machines
  • Large furniture
  • Mattresses and box springs

Various volunteer roles are needed:
1. Frontline is your finesse. Mingling and rapport is your prowess. Cashier/Retail roles are available!
2. Behind the scenes is your fortitude. Unloading, sorting, cleaning, organizing and set up is your solace. Positions are available!
3. Transport and delivery is your specialty. Shuttling empty boxes (from liquor stores) to the MEOW Charity Thrift Shop weekly is your calling.

MEOW Charity Thrift Shop – raising funds, saving lives.

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For more information, email: thrift@meowfoundation.com.