Intake Procedures

Grey TabbySince MEOW’s inception in July, 2000, we have rescued and found homes for more than 14,000 cats. Due to our no-kill status and limited Adoption Centre and foster home space, we adhere to the following intake guidelines and procedures:

  • We operate by appointment only.
  • Intake Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Only stray and abandoned cats are eligible for admission.
  • If you have found a cat or kittens, please email with details, including your phone number or call 403.230.6033 (ext 3).
  • Feral, fearful or wild cats: MEOW does not admit feral cats into our adoption program. These cats are eligible for our Trap Neuter Return (TNR) Program. For more information, please call 403.230.6033 (ext 4) or email
  • Emergencies: After business hours, if you have an emergency situation such as a badly injured stray cat, please transport the cat to a 24 hour emergency veterinary clinic. Find a clinic near you. 

Found a Cat?

Prior to calling MEOW for assistance, please follow the steps outlined on our Found Cats resource sheet. If you’re unable to reunite the found cat with its owner, email or call 403.554.4607.

Lost a Cat?

Prior to calling MEOW for assistance, please follow the steps outlined on our Lost Cats resource sheet. If you’re unable to find your cat, email or call 403.554.4607.

Humane Trap Rental for Lost Cats

TNR in WhitehornIf your indoor pet has escaped outside and you are not able to re-capture it, MEOW will rent you a humane trap for a period of one week. There is a $150 deposit fee, with $100 refunded to you upon the return of the trap. Please e-mail or call 403.230.6033 (ext 8) for more information. Please read our Lost Cats resource sheet for useful information and tips.

Veterinary Financial Assistance

MEOW Foundation is not able to offer financial assistance for medical issues for owned pets. Please see this resource sheet for suggestions: Veterinary Assistance for Your Cat. MEOW does offer spay or neuter financial assistance to low income Calgarians. Learn more on our Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) page.


To learn more about our Adoption Policies & Procedures or to view cats available for adoption, please visit the Adopt a Cat section of our website.